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07 October 2007 @ 02:18 am
Fandom: Rockman.EXE
Title: Melodious
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Blues/Enzan
Type: One-shot? AU (Blues is human, they're older.)
Warning: Shounen-ai, AU, vague references to BDSM.
Spoilers: Not really.
Other: Inspired by "Ravers Fantasy" by Tune Up!, the song which has been stuck in my head the past few days. A little random. MAY be posted on FF.net if I feel like it.

Music moved both of them. It was no surprise, really, given their backgrounds.

Blues's fingers danced in the air, guiding his breath in drawing out the incredible noise from his flute. Enzan would close his eyes and listen, often singing along softly while his hands made piano motions in the air. On rainy afternoons they often played together.

Enzan had inherited his piano skills from his mother, sitting in her lap when he was younger and watching her as she played, when he was a bit older following the notes as she played them. He'd had such a talent for music, everyone said, it was good that he'd found it when he was young.

Blues's mother and father were both in the symphony, so he had been immersed in the classical arts since he was born. His delicate features made him seem almost born to play such a beautiful-sounding instrument.

It had been a considerably different kind of music they had met by, though. One of Blues's friends had dragged him to a club in an effort to convert him to trance music, promising they played 'only the best mixes' there. To him it was all just a series of pounding beats that gave him a headache and sent him to the bar and martinis.

A particularly long (to Blues) and undecipherable track was playing when he saw the commotion on the dance floor. A few of the regulars seemed to be putting on an unofficial contest, and he had nearly turned away when someone there caught his interest.

A flash of white hair, devilish blue eyes and a casual grin on top of the smoothest motions the flautist had ever seen in his life. This is dancing, they seemed to say. This is life.

After the song finished (or so Blues presumed, there was a brief break in the music which seemed to indicate it) the dancer made his way to the bar, dropping down near Blues and striking up a conversation with the bartender. The silver-haired musician had the opportunity to examine him up close.

His build was a little on the thin side, not overly muscled but not quite scrawny, and he seemed to flaunt it. He wore a loose button-up black shirt with the top few buttons left undone and a pair of tight black jeans. Sweat glistened on his forehead and neck; apparently he had been on the dance floor for some time. What caught Blues's eye, however, were his hands. Pale and dexterous, with long slender fingers that were surely the envy of any wind instrument player.

The dancer caught him staring and Blues turned scarlet when he introduced himself. Enzan. They had a few drinks and the topic turned to music, which was when he discovered, much to his surprise, that the raver had a deep appreciation and understanding of classical music as well. When Enzan suggested a nightcap Blues's attitude shifted to a wary how-did-you-know and he got a raised eyebrow in return. Enzan chuckled and explained what kind of club it was. Why else would he be wearing such a provocative outfit?

The melody of their lives continued on in such a random fashion, sometimes seeming almost as if they were set to music. Blues was never able to pick a tune out of his lover's precious trance music, however, any more than Enzan could learn to play the flute, try as he might.

Sometimes the melody played differently, the harmony running through them like electricity. Black leather and whips, handcuffs and those slender fingers, playing an invisible symphony on pale skin, digging into flesh as though it were keys of a piano. Those times lingered between them long afterwards, never a sign visible in public but the marks etched into both of them at every level still.

Yet it was the music, the music that brought them together. The music was their bond, their driving force, their shared soul. The divine movement of bodies and limbs to create art in so many forms and so many songs. The flowing rhythm, the grace that Blues felt he had never possessed before until then. They both drank it up, indulging in it. Together they made a beautiful symphony.

When they were together like that, Blues almost thought he could hear the music where he never had before.

This is my melody
And it's just a raver's fantasy
But I know
If you're in love with me tonight
We're ravin' though the night

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