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06 August 2009 @ 02:30 am
Music Meme  
Felt like doing this again. Original is on this journal under the stories, fic, rvb, and exe tags.

1. Pick ten pairings, from any fandom. List them before you do this.
2. Set your media player of choice on shuffle.
3. Write a short fic, one pairing for each song as it comes up. You only get the length of the song to write it. No skipping songs.

1. Gimme Sympathy - Metric [Blues/Enzan; Rockman.exe, (anime)] Sure...okay.

Peace and tranquility. With them, it was always this soothing feeling.

Neither one understood it, of course, but that was part of the magic. It was just something that had always been, would always be. A friendship that developed naturally into much more.

Enzan never compared Blues to anyone else, because Blues wasn't like anyone else. He couldn't be compared, and it would be an insult to try.

Blues, on the other hand, compared Enzan to many different people--Enzan always coming out on top through an (acknowledged, understandable) bias of his.

The things that made sense to them, the ways they found to express their feelings to each other, were so simple to them, and yet meant nothing to anyone else.

2. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson [Wash/Church; Red vs Blue Reconstruction]

Push, pull. Push, pull.

One stubborn A.I. and one battle-weary freelancer didn't exactly create the most stable of relationships. It was pretty much a trade-off as to who would start the next fight, which would end in either one storming off and a mumbled apology the next day or jumbled sex in the resident mind of the apologist (which was at least as satisfying as the physical kind, of course. Church liked to boast it was because he was just that good, and since he was the Alpha, after all, Wash was inclined to give him that one.)

Still, that didn't change the fact that one was forever ending up outside the other's door, whether after having it slammed in their face or coming back to apologize varying on the day of the week.

It was, Wash reflected, traipsing off to the kitchen to make a peace-offering breakfast, just life, really. And life without Church would not be the same.

3. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind [Sain/Serra; Fire Emblem 7]

Comings and goings were part of Sain's natural life as a freelance knight. He had been and gone to so many territories on his travels that some of them blurred together--but he remembered two, always. Caelin, the home of his foolish youth, and Ostia, where the one girl who had actually managed to snatch his heart still lived.

Oh, she could deny it, and he would still flirt with all the pretty girls, but she always managed to find her way into his line of sight when he was there. Ah, such a lovely wildflower!

It had taken Sain a while (not too long, he wasn't as slow as he seemed, really) to figure out what Serra had meant when she had said there was a girl with her eyes on him. By the time he had realized, the battle was long over and he was set out on his life. But he knew where she was.

He should have found it obvious--Serra was the one girl who had never actively rebuffed his advances or let another do it for her--but well, he hadn't expected to be so smitten himself. Ah, such a life!

4. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift [Enzan/Meiru; Rockman.exe, (manga)]

Meiru watched yet another girl flirt with Enzan and sighed. Even she could see that Yaito was all wrong for him. Well, come on! He needed someone who he wasn't closed-off to, someone he'd actually talk to, had experience dealing with boys like him.

If only you could see...

She remembered one time, not long after the battle on the cruise ship. Enzan had been fairly badly shaken, ragged breathing coupled with electrical burns and synchro damage and had been sitting silently in the rescue boat, ignoring everyone else as they fussed over Netto. Meiru had shifted to sit next to him. He had merely looked at her, regarded her oddly in that she wasn't spouting platitudes, and then nodded silently in acceptance.

I can be patient.

5. Spaceman - The Killers [Takeru/Hikari; Digimon Adventure 02]

Voices. Sounds. Darkness.

There was a fuzzy blurring quality to his vision. He could make out vaguely coloured blobs in front of him (above him?) but that was all.

"Takeru-kun?" Hikari, her voice full of concern. What had he done? Think! Oh, right. Gotten into a stupid fight with the stupid control spire monster on his own instead of calling for help. He squinted to try to see if Patamon was still okay, and figured he was probably the orange flapping blur hovering slightly over him.

Getting hit by debris was also a stupid move.

"I'm sorry I worried you," he was, genuinely. As his vision focused, he thought he could see a touch more concern on her face than she ever had for anyone else. Wishful thinking?

"Don't do that again," she was so bad at a severe tone, really. But he simply sat up with an effort, rubbing his head, then reached for his hat.

"Don't worry. I won't."

Won't try to make you worry over me.

6. Tangled Up in Me - Sky Sweetnam [Ash/Misty; Pokemon (anime)]

Did Misty ever have a jealous streak. Oh boy.

In fact, the only thing more noticeable than her reaction when another girl seemed interested in Ash (like that tart Melody, for example) was her anger at said girls which was always inexplicably taken out on Ash himself, the clueless (lovable) idiot.

Misty was naturally the mistress of mixed signals.

The fact was simply that she couldn't bring herself to say that she like-liked him. Because he was just...Ash. Goofy, stupid Ash.

Someone, though, she couldn't stop herself acting out around him.

7. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall [Neville/Luna; Harry Potter]

Luna Lovegood was a Ravenclaw. She was, through and through, in fact. She hid her slight battiness and keen mind beneath an off-putting demeanour and...well, the battiness didn't really get hidden so much as amplified. So there was that.

No one really considered Luna a proper Ravenclaw. Grades and spare research projects aside, she was just not seen as being that smart, and Ravenclaws are supposed to be Very Obviously Smart.

Neville Longbottom was a Gryffindor. Certainly he was a shy, self-possessed, non-confident one, but that just served to mask the inner courage and confidence. By the time everyone got used to the fact that there was a shy Gryffindor, he had been utterly dismissed and no one paid him much mind.

No one really considered Neville a proper Gryffindor, least of all Neville himself. He just didn't have the same faith in himself Harry and the others all did. He expressed as much to Luna after a DA meeting.

"Maybe I should be in my own house," he finished glumly.

"I think perhaps we should both be in a house together," Luna said vaguely, and Neville looked at her, startled. "Only it should be for people who are too right for their houses to fit in properly."

8. Poker Face - Lady Gaga [Paris/Seven; Star Trek: Voyager]

Seven of Nine was actually very easy to read. Tom Paris didn't see what all of this "She's Borg, she has no emotions" junk had spouted from. Seven had emotions, and she didn't know how to deal with them--and so they showed.

He could relate. He hadn't known how to deal with his for most of his life, and he didn't have much of anything to fall back on, resulting in a rather haphazard life that had gotten him into prison in the first place.

He preferred Seven's blunt honesty to Janeway's negotiation tactics, B'Elanna's volatile temper. (Kes was a gentle memory, one he didn't disturb out of respect for too many people.) She caught him hanging around a bit, but didn't say anything to anyone. Seven was a creature of routine, after all. And oh so easy to read.

9. Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench [Raven/Lucius; Fire Emblem 7]

Soft imprints and sharp edges. They mirrored their weapons, Lucius unable to be closer to his precious light magic if he tried and Raven as sharp and edged as his swords.

There had not been a point in his life where Raven had mistaken Lucius for female; he was perhaps alone in this of the people the light magic user had ever met. Lucius had simply always been Lucius, patient, trusting, there. Raven could not imagine their lives diverting to the point where they were permanently separated--no matter how harsh his words were. And he did, truly, always regret it when he was harsh on Lucius above all.

Nor would he go from Lucius for long. He had threatened people for wishing harm on him before, and would do it again; nothing would stop him from exacting vengeance from those who wronged him through Lucius.

After all, it was exactly the same thing.

10. All Star - Smash Mouth [Forte/Blues; Rockman Classic]

Blues smirked knowingly and beckoned Forte with two gloved fingers. The other robot frowned, pretending not to know Blues was calling him over.

"Like I'm gonna drop everything and run over just because he's bored. What a nut," Forte grumbled to himself, knowing he'd be over soon enough listening to whatever extravagant tales Blues had made up that week.

This time it took a whole ten minutes before Forte had stewed enough in his own boredom (there was nothing to do with Wily in jail, really) to indulge Blues.

"Okay, what now?"

He could tell those eyes were rolling at him, even with the sunglasses. "Tahiti. It's nice. Want to come?"

Forte was taken aback. "You've never asked me to come with you. Want one of your stories to not be a lie for a change?"

"Who ever said I was lying?" Blues rose from his spot on the grass. "Are you coming?"

"Now?" He glanced around the park they were in. Nothing to do. "Sure. Now."
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