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06 May 2007 @ 01:43 pm
Grand opening  
((Yes, I'm going to start using this thing now. The icon on the side will be the one related to the most recent story.))

Fandom: Rockman.exe
Title: Unknown Factors
Rating: PG
Pairing: Meijin/Serenade
Type: One-shot
Warning: None. Slash? Het? You decide.
Spoilers: Volumes 6 and 7 of the EXE/NT Warrior manga
Other: Long-overdue gift fic for anibunny

He is never sure, and somehow that bothers him.
He wants to be sure. He wants to say he is certain about this thing, this one thing people place so much important on, but he is not. Just when he thinks he can be, a new undertone appears in that smooth, velvet voice that makes him question again.
There is one thing he is sure of, though, and that is that he needs to fix this. He wants to be able to hear it again, because on some level he likes the idea someone is questioning him. He is sure it's on purpose. That voice never does anything without intent.
It was one of the first things he rushed to do after getting out of the hospital. It is his fault that this happened, he who asked for the action which caused this, and he who should make amends.
Data falling into place, gathered meticulously from the spot where it happened. Everything perfectly aligned before being locked into place. This is a complex task he does not want to miss part of. He eats and sleeps, not because he is not devoted, but so he will not make a mistake.
At last he is finished, after checking everything at least three times. He activates controls for the reboot, congratulating himself on not peeking at that coding. He doesn't find it that important.

"Hello, Meijin."

The tone is expectant rather than surprised, a smile tinging a tan face. As if this were part of their deal all along.
He smiles as well. He knows it was. It did not need to be verbally included.


The question was pressuring him, but he did not ask it. It seemed rude, somehow.
Serenade always had reason for whatever actions took place. So of course there was a reason he did not show his symbol.

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